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Whether jazz, death metal or punk rock, there is something for everyone in Berlin. The Berliner Bierfest is like Munich's Oktoberfest, but has its own charm with its eclectic mix of beer, music, food and entertainment.

The 11th DOKUARTS Festival presents never before shown shows in Berlin, many of which are German premieres. The festival will come to Berlin at the end of November and this week will present a variety of shows by the world's best artists as well as some of the best known German artists. It has become one of the most popular festivals in Europe, equivalent to festivals such as Venice and Cannes.

From tastings, workshops, presentations and lectures, this is an event that represents the ever-growing specialty coffee scene in Berlin. In 2015, the organisers have established the festival as a fun event welcoming artists, musicians, poets, writers, artists and musicians from all over the world. One of the annual highlights of queer events in Berlin is the Berlinale Film Festival in February, which also includes the Queer Film Award Teddy.

Similar to the Lichterfest, there are guided tours through the Berlin Light Museum, during which you can visit many of the participating buildings on site. Visitors can choose between professionally guided or self-guided tours, making them one of the most affordable activities in Berlin.

If you are looking for more information on how to save money on these services, read our article about discount cards for sights in Berlin. Visit our page to learn more about our free ticket competition and our chance to win a free ticket, and don't forget to visit our other sections.

In addition to free museums, there are several family-friendly museums that cover a wide range of topics. Make sure to read our list of Berlin museums, which you can visit for free, as these and other places cost nothing. This fun ride and photo opportunity is part of a performance that describes some of the more disturbing stories in Berlin.

Berlin Leuchtet actually starts earlier and lasts longer, but the most popular event is the Lichterfest. In October, several different productions will be shown in Berlin, all of which are very popular. If you are looking for an adult activity to enjoy with your significant other, then the 6th annual Berlin Burlesque Festival will pique your interest.

If you fancy a lot of live music, October is the perfect time to visit Berlin. The shows at the Berlin Burlesque Festival start on October 1, making it an excellent activity for adults to enjoy at night. During the film festival, you could spend a long weekend in Berlin and enjoy some of the best cinemas in the world. Book a holiday in Munich for the world-famous Oktoberfest to sample the best beers and sausages from across the country.

In the following section, some of the most interesting activities you can enjoy in Berlin for free in October are described. In this section we provide a list of excellent activities to enjoy in Berlin during the dark months of November and October. We will present some highlights, including the Berlin Film Festival, the annual Berlin Burlesque Festival and many more. If you are looking for more ideas, be sure to read our section on family-friendly activities. In October there are many great activities for children and young people in Germany, but if not, there are also many opportunities for adults.

The six-day event, which takes place in September, is a great boon for art lovers of all stripes. The annual Berlin Burlesque Festival, the largest and most renowned burleque festival in Germany.

No matter what time of year you visit Berlin, there are plenty of events and festivals to get involved in. Whether you are planning a particular event or not, you will still find plenty of entertainment for your holiday in Germany.

The following article will cover some of the most interesting activities you can enjoy in Berlin in October. Below are the best family attractions and events in and around Berlin for the week of September 29 to October 2, 2017.

The Handelsblatt Energy Summit will focus on the opportunities arising from the progressive development of technology and customer expectations. Sociology of Migration holds its annual conference in Berlin from 2 to 3 October 2017. Experts from the fields of finance, economics, politics, law, economics, education and social sciences come together to form opinions and advance the payment ecosystem.

Global Female Leaders brings together top-class leaders - and thus reaches world leaders at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin - Berlin. The Tiergartenbe in Berlin from 2 to 3 October 2017, which builds on the success of the global lamination industry in recent years.

This international exhibition for food, agriculture and horticulture is one of the most important fairs in Berlin and is well attended by people who know German food - and you can understand why. The Long Night of Museums is the most famous pillar of the Berlin art and culture scene. It offers goods from other wealthy parts of the world, but also some of Germany's most famous artists, musicians, writers and musicians who can view their works.

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