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It's time to find out about the top 10 eating options in Berlin, Germany, one of the world's biggest football nations. While the majority of German sports have a high level of competition and high participation in international competitions, they lack top-level sports that are inherently German. Football (soccer, as it is called in German) is my favourite sport in Germany. Read on to find out which 10 sports from Germany are the most popular and which we prefer to eat and drink.

This is especially the case in Hamburg and Hanover, where there are many opportunities to watch games, but also in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin-Kreuzberg and Munich.

There are also many events in Berlin that attract thousands of locals to the streets and delight the fans, including the BMW Berlin Marathon, where over 40,000 runners regularly take to the start line and are always good for a new world record. Berlin also hosts some of the world's biggest events, such as the Olympic Games and World Championships in Berlin. Find out more about the top names in athletics events and enjoy the best food, drink and entertainment in Berlin, as well as a variety of sporting events.

The German national team attracts a lot of fans and there are many gyms and gyms in the city as it is quite centrally located. Football is a very popular sport in Germany and will attract even more interest, as Germany will host the World Cup in 2006.

Of course, Germans are known for their love of football, but you will be surprised how many other sports they like to watch on television. Whether football or handball, basketball or ice hockey: Germans can look forward to every sporting event.

If you are in Berlin and want to watch a Champions League, Bundesliga or European game, the atmosphere is good and the beer pubs only show football on TV. If you're in a bar that's showing a Bundesliga match or a football match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, football fans won't miss the big game.

It is the first time two top teams in the Champions League have played each other, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund at the top of the table. It includes three games with Chile against the USA, Germany against Spain and Germany against Spain.

As the Soviet grip on East Germany tightened, it became clear that it was seen elsewhere in the Soviet suburbs as a propaganda tool. The Soviet presence in Germany, the most heavily subsidised and attractive in reunified Berlin, was incorporated into West Germany 1 in 1989 / 90 and became SC Dynamo. In order to distance itself from its history, Dynamo was renamed EHC Eisbare Berlin in 1990 and Dynamo Berlin was renamed E HC Dynamo - Berlin. Alba Berlin was founded in 1991, but established itself as a fixture in the game and won the championship and the German Cup in 1996 / 97.

The East Germans often concentrated on football, which was less glamorous but often difficult for their competitors in the West to obtain financial support. That is why the competition between East and West Germany for the World Cup title is largely played out on football pitches. Although the Klitschkos were not born in Germany, the great boxer has made boxing a very popular sport in Germany.

The national team was compiled by Munich men, who later founded the Munich Lacrosse Club for the 1994 Men's World Championship in Manchester. The 1936 Summer Olympics, officially known as the XI Games, were an international multi-sport event held in Berlin in 1936. In July 2014 it was announced that Berlin will also host the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Berlin had prevailed over Barcelona, Spain, to host the Games on April 26.

German Hockey Pyramid, in which Berlin struggled to ride the wave of German Hockey reunification Pyramid since the end of the Second World War. The team started in the city that shared Berlin and Munich, the two most populous cities in Germany at the time.

What happened the following year was to shape the future of hockey in Berlin. Berlin's sport will forever be associated with the infamous 1936 Olympic Games, which were hosted by none other than Adolf Hitler. The final of the FIFA World Cup 2006 took place in the Berlin Olympic Stadium, which is also the home stadium of Hertha BSC.

The city is also home to the now-defunct LSV Spandau, which won a German championship in 1939, and the city's first professional football club, the Eisernen Berlin. Hertha Berlin and football in general are more popular here, but Alba Berlin dominates the league, while Bayer Giants Leverkusen have won the most titles with 14. The E-Barens attract large crowds and move to the Mercedes-Benz Arena, which has a maximum capacity of 14,200.

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